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The girl with the kaleidoscope eyes

Lily Evans
1 February 1960
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Name: Lily Evans
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6th
Blood: Muggle-born
Positions: Gryffindor Prefect
Mother: Constance (Connie) Evans
Father: Harold Evans
Sisters: Petunia Evans

So, this is my journal. Feel free to take a look around, though there may not be a whole lot here to interest you. If you'd like to join the homework club, please see your house prefect, or leave me a note here. Thanks!

[this is a rp journal for __incendio

[I dont own Lily. Her, The world she inhabits, the people she talks to, the boys she likes (and doesnt like), all pretty much belong to, and were made up by JKRowling. (thanks for that JK). I also dont own the PB, her name is Alicia Witt, and as far as I know, she belongs to herself. So dont sue me. thank you very kindly.]